Honey Comb Dust Filter – Chinese

Honey Comb Dust Filter – Chinese

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JYFO Series Honeycomb Dust-Filtering Unit is a novel development of Jingya Group, in China for the dust-filtering field. It can be widely used in such textile and light industries as cotton, wool, ramie or flax, chemical fiber and tobacco etc, for collecting waste and filtering the dust-air.


Working principle:
It is a mech-electrical unit consisted of the I-stage and the II-stage dust-filtering units. The I-stage is used to extract and collect the fibrous waste in the processed air. The II-stage filter is used to filter out the fine dust from the air exhausted from the I-stage filter. The purified air can be reused or exhausted.

Specifications and Overall Dimensions (Table 1)


Type and Specification JYFO-Ⅲ-4 JYFO-Ⅲ-5 JYFO-Ⅲ-6 JYFO-Ⅲ-7 JYFO-Ⅲ-8
Disc  Disc diameter (mm) Φ1600 Φ2000 Φ2300 Φ2600 Φ2600
 Filter area (m2) 1.80 2.94 3.77 4.67 4.67
Media(mesh/inch) ( stainless steel net)60-


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