Steel Ring Cups

Steel Ring Cups

Steel Ring Cups

Available Chinese Brands (JW, DL, 3HY & , 3HYue Brands)


1. It endows with good anti-wedge can make spinning channels freely, equal and stable tensile force and obviously reduce the breakage.

2. Its surface is very smooth, has short running-in period, can reduce yarn feather, can heighten quality of the yarn.

3. It can be widely used on spinning, with strong practicality.


1. With excellent bearing materials and advanced techniques in heat treatment, we can get the micro-hardness about HV830 to 850 at any point from its surface to heart. It also has compact and refined Martensitic structure.

2. It has admirable abrasion resistance, its life can reach 3 to 5 years, can keep the quality of yarn stable chronically.


3. With superior performance, it can obviously reduce the filoplume, depress end breakage, heighten quality of yarn and spinning efficiency.

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