Hong Kong Textile Machinery Industry

Textile industry is one of Hong Kong�s major export earners, accounting for 4.4% of total domestic exports in 2003. The industry is comprised of procedures such as spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing of fabrics. As of July 2004, there are around 1,019 manufacturing establishments in Hong Kong, which employ 11,357 workers or 6.7% of the local manufacturing workforce.

Performance of Hong Kong�s Exports of Textiles

In light of fierce competition in the global market, especially from other low cost countries, Hong Kong�s textile industry has opted to move up-market to supply sophisticated textile products with original designs. This industry trend has resulted in Hong Kong focusing on higher value-added activities such as sales and marketing, quality control, design and development while offshore plants mainly specialize in lower value-added manufacturing operations.

With the aim of strengthening productivity, Hong Kong�s textile industry has invested heavily in capital-intensive and advanced machinery, so as to stay competitive with the latest technology know-how in the global textile industry. Modern machinery like open-end spinning machines and shuttle-less looms has been widely adopted by local manufacturers. Due to a lack of local supply of advanced machinery, cutting edge technologies are primarily sourced from Japan, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

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