Industries in South Punjab: Government Urged To Ensure Uninterrupted Gas Supply
The businessmen and manufacturers of the value-added textile sector urged the government to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to the industries in South Punjab. President of Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) Fareed Mughis Sheikh said the gas moratorium on high-rise buildings should remain intact and instead adequate supply of gas be ensured to the industries.
On April 4, the government lifted ban on new gas connections for high-rise buildings. Fareed Sheikh said that as a result of the decision, hundreds of skyscrapers will now be supplied with natural gas. This will affect export-oriented industries which badly require natural gas. He further said that all over the Middle East residential complexes were being supplied with liquefied petroleum gas (LGP). In Pakistan, the Sui gas field was discovered in 1952 and production of gas started in 1955. The MCCI President said that from 1955-1970, the government policy for gas utilisation was for industry and power generation.

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