The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association spokesman has expressed concerns over impounding of export and import cargos by the civil administration, saying that it would have a dire impact on the exports and industrial production. He said the textile industry exports are already sliding down and confiscation of export and import cargos would add salt to the industry injuries, a situation that would lead to colossal losses to the mills.

Furthermore, he pointed out that these import cargos carry raw materials of the industry and delay in their availability would mess up the productivity targets. APTMA spokesman said the prime minister was making his utmost efforts to take the textile industry out of sluggish mode. A relief package is also on the anvil but the civil administration has started seizing both export and import cargos of the industry, which is not a wise decision.

He has urged the prime minister, chief minister Punjab, finance and commerce ministers to take stock of the situation and direct the civil administration to release the confiscated cargo immediately.

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