Azerbaijan May Grow More Coloured Cotton If Tests Succeed

If coloured cotton experiments show positive results, Azerbaijan may grow organic cotton in other colours, according to Imran Jumshudov, head of the state seed control service under the agriculture ministry. Brown and light-brown cotton varieties are being grown at present at the Regional Agrarian Scientific Information Centre of the Terter region.

The coloured varieties were introduced by China in the country for its suitable climate.

At present, the cotton in the experimental beds is at the stage of maturation, an Azeri news agency quoted Jumshudov as saying.

Varieties of red, green, light pink and blue cotton are also available. These coloured cotton varieties are superior to local ones in quality and fibre fineness, he said.

Cotton is produced production in the country in Saatli, Bilasuvar, Barda, Aghjabadi and Sabirabad.

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