Bangladesh Denim Expo To Focus On Garment Supply Chain

Transparency of the textile and garment supply chain will be the focus of the seventh edition of the Bangladesh Denim Expo that will take place in Dhaka on November 8-9. Over 58 exhibitors from around the world have already registered to participate in the expo. The event will inform buyers and consumers about how and where garments are manufactured.
Transparency is the core of this edition of the expo and a series of events have been organised to let visitors know about the process of manufacturing garments, said the organiser.

A 3D show will also take place to explain the manufacturing process of apparel to the show attendees.

Participating companies will also exhibit their products along with their best practices pertaining to the show’s theme.

About 40 exhibitors from foreign countries and 18 companies from Bangladesh have confirmed their participation in the show. Pacific Jeans, Bitopi, Dekko and Ananta – the biggest denim product manufacturers of Bangladesh – will also participate in the seventh edition of the fair

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