Pic: Hygienic Half Mask

Pic: Hygienic Half MaskNorway’s Hygienic Half Mask has launched a FFP2-certified face mask. Certified by the worldwide leader of testing, inspection, and certification, Applus+, the Hygienic Half Mask meets a filtration percentage of 98.37 percent. The mask comes as a better option to disposable face mask environmentally and financially as they are reusable and save money.

According to a recent data report, out of 52 billion disposable masks produced last year, 1.6 billion ended up in the ocean. This amounts to approximately 5,500 tons of plastic pollution. With this amount of plastic pollution, the oceans and aqua lives are being destroyed. Hygienic Half Mask is therefore making a huge contribution to the restoration of the ocean by creating a reusable FFP2 mask that protects both the environment and the user, the company said in a press release.

The four layered half mask is the only reusable and washable FFP2 mask with in-built filters that do not need to be replaced. It contains a Clean+Protect technology that makes the materials resistant to bacteria, viruses, fungi, and biofilm. The technology is however free of toxins, biocides, safe, sustainable, and recyclable, and has been patented in 44 countries to date. Hygienic Half Mask can be used over and again with guaranteed top protection as it protects both user and those around the user with its particle filters.

The Clean+Protect technology also makes the Hygienic Half Mask usable for a long period of time without the need to wash. However, tested by professional wash companies, the mask can withstand a minimum of 200 washes/uses at 60 degrees in a laundry bag. The Hygienic Half Mask is again designed for an optimal and comfortable fit for every user with an internal nose clip to reduce dew on glasses as is with disposable masks. It also comes with a tightening function on the straps behind the ears to ensure a perfect fit at all times. 

Unlike disposable masks that have been discovered to cause ‘maskne’ (skin conditions associated with wearing a mask such as acne, rosacea, contact dermatitis, and folliculitis), the fabric in Hygienic Half Mask is made to reduce skin irritations. The Clean+Protect technology contained in the outer layers (layer 1 and 4) helps to reduce the accumulation of impurities while protecting the skin. Also, the non-woven pattern feels soft against the skin, makes it breathable, and helps to reduce dampness and sweating.

Most importantly, as a recyclable product, the Hygienic Half Mask is more economical to use than disposable masks. With the daily cost of using disposable masks between $ 0.44 and $ 1.85, private individuals spend an average of $30-$50 monthly and companies spend a lot more. By investing in reusable masks, individuals and companies can save costs and get more protection.