Textile Exports Fall By 7.42 Percent In Fiscal Year 2016
The country”s textile exports declined by 7.42 percent during the just concluded fiscal year as compared to subsequent fiscal year of 2014-15 after exports deteriorated to $12.455 billion from $13.453 billion, according to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS). As per PBS trade figure of last fiscal year, the textile sector experienced a massive decline in their export during the last fiscal year. Exports of raw cotton witnessed a 47 per cent decline during 2015-16 compared to the same period a year after its exports deteriorated to $76 million from $147 million.
Exports of cotton carded or combed deteriorated by 97.49 percent, followed by cotton yarn 31 percent and cotton cloth 9.71 percent, yarn other than cotton yarn 23.48 percent, knitwear 1.54 percent, bed wear 4.14 percent, towel 0.14 percent, tents, canvas and tarpaulin 28.06 percent, arts silk synthetic and textile 12.89 percent and exports of made-up articles excluding towels witnessed a decline of 3.50 percent.
Exports of cotton yarn have declined to $1.261 billion during 2015-16 from $1.849 billion in subsequent fiscal year, cotton cloth to $2.214 billion from $2.452 billion for the period under review and exports of knitwear to $2.369 billion from $2.406 billion, bed wear to $2.016 billion from $2.103 billion.
Export of textile group during June 2016 over pervious month declined by 8.29 percent to $987.156 million from $1.076 billion and exports of raw cotton fell by 21.22 percent to $631 from $801, cotton yarn 27.70 to $87.421 million from $120.918 million, cotton cloth 15.56 to $148.604 million to $175.992 million.
The data reveals that exports of cotton carded or combed decreased by 92.65 and yarn other than cotton yarn by 16.31 percent. Exports of bed wear declined to $154.896 million from $176.006 million, reflecting a decline of 11.99 while exports of tents, canvas & tarpaulin recorded a decline of 43.33 percent.
Exports of art, silk & synthetic textile registered a decline of 16.42, made-up articles 10.51 and other textile materials shown a negative growth of 7.02. However, exports of knitwear registered an increase of 0.43 percent and exports of towel also shown a growth of 0.43 percent and exports of ready made garments 4.73 percent.

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