Textile industries facing difficulties

It is really a great irony that while the government is pushing to increase exports, the harassed and greatly burdened are not only facing short supply of these most essential inputs, Gas, Electricity and Water but also to add fuel to the fire, tariff of all these most essential inputs are highest than those of our regional competing countries, greatly increasing cost of doing business in Pakistan and creating insurmountable difficulties for our exporters to compete in the Global market, lamented Muhammad Jawed Bilwani, Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum and Chief Coordinator, Value Added Textile Forum.

In such harsh and stringent conditions the exporters are facing, it looks like the Government is living in a fool’s paradise and chasing a mirage, looking forward to increase in exports, he said. He said that two years ago the then Textile Minister had announced that a Committee would be constituted to resolve all the burning issues faced by the Textile exporters which did not materialize as yet in this long period and wondered what the Government wants? He said that if the Government wants Pakistan to revert from an industrialized state to a trading state it should clearly say so rather than vague claims and assurances to help increase in exports which will just remain a forlorn hope and dream.-PR

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