Turkish Unions Want Living Wage In Textile-Garment Sector

Textile, garment and leather sector unions in Turkey have pledged their support to the worldwide initiative called ‘Action, Collaboration, Transformation’ (ACT) led by IndustriALL Global Union, brands and retailers to achieve living wages. This commitment was announced recently in Istanbul where the stakeholders met to discuss ACT’s implementation in Turkey.

Teksif, Öz Iplik Is, Disk/Tekstil and Deriteks are the Turkish affiliates of IndustriALL.

The initiative is under way in the main textile- and garment-producing countries to transform the industry with living wages for workers. In most garment and textile producing countries, workers’ wages are at present set well below a living wage, according to a press release from IndustriALL.

ACT aims at bringing together global brands and retailers, trade unions, manufacturers and governments to work together to achieve living wages.

Turkey, among the top textile- and garment-producing nations, has more than a million workers employed in the sector. In general, the minimum wage is set by the agreement of the government and employers with the opposition of trade unions

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