Trützschler Nonwoven To Show Latest Machines At Techtextil
Trützschler Nonwovens is showcasing its nonwovens complete lines focusing on efficiency and quality at the upcoming Techtextil show.

“Alongside, multimedia and interactive presentations inform about line layouts, machinery, applications and end products at its booth B/03 in hall 3.0,” Trützschler informed in a press release.

A special topic which will be shared with visitors will be the cooperation with Voith Paper in the area of wet-laid and spunlaced nonwovens.

“Although flushable wipes being the main application, tailor-made solutions for other end products will be discussed at the booth too,” Trützschler said.

With requirements for greater energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions becoming more and more prominent, Trützschler Nonwovens said, its second focus is on new and efficient drying technologies.

The Streamliner, introduced during the last ITMA show, is a spiral-shaped drum dryer with highest evaporation capacities.

The model is best used in nonwoven lines producing extremely moist and high density nonwovens and has passed the acid test in a production line last year.

Another pillar of the dryer and oven program is the re-designed multi-drum dryer. According to Trützschler, the new, modular model is optimised in several respects.

“This has resulted in significant reductions in both thermal and electrical energy consumption,” the Germany based nonwovens technology manufacturer added.

Trützschler Man-Made Fibers is also bringing the small but technologically challenging segment of short staple fibres into focus.

One of the most important quality requirements of short fibres with a length of between 3 to 6 mm is absolute length uniformity and it said that, its technology fulfills this requirement for both standard and high-performance polymers.

Short staple fibres are often blended with other fibre material for typical wet-laid products such as nonwovens wallpaper, high-quality tea bags and battery separators.

In the field of technical nonwovens, Trützschler Card Clothing is offering new metallic wires for roller cards application on doffer and condenser.

“Especially for medium and coarse fibres like for geo-textiles needle-punched webs, new and already field-tested tooth geometries are available, providing enhanced process stability and low maintenance,” Trützschler observed.

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