144 Imposed To Stop Cotton Sowing Before Time
The Punjab government has imposed section 144 throughout the province to stop before-time sowing of the cotton. The government has warned a stern legal action against those found involved in before-time sowing of cotton besides destroying their crop. Disclosing this, a spokesman of the provincial agriculture department said on Friday that growers should not sow cotton crop before April 15, otherwise their crop will be destroyed and legal action will be taken against them under section 144.
He claimed that this step is aimed at getting better yield through educating the growers regarding timely sowing of the crop. He said before time sowing of the cotton crop may result in an attack by sucking pests on cotton which is a big impediment in achieving the cotton sowing and yield targets. He said the strategy developed by the provincial government for cotton growers may also get hurt because of before time cotton sowing.

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