Cotton industry: ‘Reduction In Insurance Charges To Benefit Ginners’
MULTAN: Insurance companies have agreed to reduce insurance charges for ginners and later bringing them par with textile mills to eliminate the discrimination in premium rate for ginners and textile millers.
This was said by Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) Chairperson Dr Jasso Mal while addressing a meeting on Sunday.
He said Punjab agriculture department had increased cotton fee to 100% through its market committees which was unjustified
The PCGA demanded of the government to fix electricity tariff at Rs5 per unit for ginners and impose complete ban on the import of cotton till the consumption of local produce.
Jasso Mal stressed the need to modernise cotton-ginning system to meet the demand of international market.
Experts ask for extra care during monsoon
He said ginners should not purchase wet or contaminated raw-cotton from farmers and they should improve their standards to get premium prices.
Dr Jassol maintained the government was contributing 20% funds for the upgradation of ginning industry. However, the association was trying its utmost to increase the government’s share up to 50%. He pointed out that APTMA had agreed to import only 0.5 million bales instead of 1.5 million bales.
Meanwhile, PCGA members appreciated the services rendered by Dr Jasso for the betterment of ginning sector and said that a good leader always helps redress the grievances of association members.

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