Cotton production target set at 13.48 million bales

The government set cotton production target at 13.48 million bales for the current season (2014-15) against the initial target of 15.1 million bales. The third meeting of Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) for the crop season 2014-15 held here with Amir Marwat, Secretary Ministry of Textile Industry, in chair was also attended by representatives of Pakistan Central Cotton Committee, Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute, Karachi Cotton Association, Trading Corporation of Pakistan, Provincial research and extension officials.

The government had earlier fixed cotton production target for the season (2014-15) at 15.1 million bales. However, in the first meeting of the CCAC, the government revised downward the cotton production target to 13.5 million bales after missing sowing target and floods in the country whereas, in the second meeting it was further revised downward to 13.48 million bales.

Dr Khalid Abdullah, Cotton Commissioner, apprised the participants of the meeting about the crop condition and status of cotton arrival to the ginning factories. He stated that natural climate condition and seed quality issues are the major obstacles in achieving cotton production targets. He informed that due to construction of Gomal Zam Dam in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, around 200,000 acres are expected to be brought under cotton cultivation and the Ministry of Textile Industry is making all out efforts to bring most of the area under cultivation, as cotton is low water consuming crop.

The representatives from Karachi Cotton Association stressed upon development of long and extra long staple cotton varieties to get premium prices while trading cotton internationally.

The Secretary, Ministry of Textile Industry, stressed upon the stakeholders to make extra efforts for increasing cotton cultivation acreage which is a high value crop and single largest export earner. He further stressed for inter-sectoral co-ordination and working as a team will result in achieving the desired targets. He assured that the Ministry would facilitate cotton trade/ business and make efforts in enhancing cotton production country-wide. He also directed the authorities to engage experts from Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) for cotton promotion/extension campaigns being launched by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The representative of Crop Reporting Departments of Punjab and Sindh provinces stated to maintain the same cotton crop production target as was being assessed in the 2nd CCAC meeting. The house, therefore, agreed to maintain the cotton crop target set 2014/15 similar to that as was assessed in the 2nd CCAC meeting and estimated that the country would produce 13.4885 million bales of which Punjab to produce 9.902 million bales, Sindh 3.480 million bales, KP 0.0015 million bales and Balochistan 0.1070 million bales.

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