APTMA Demands Trade Suspension With India

All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Central Chairman Aamir Fayyaz has demanded immediate suspension of bilateral trade with India in the wake of prevailing hostilities. “An immediate revision of trade ties is a need of the hour, especially considering the Indian government’s threats of stopping river water flow into Pakistan,” he stressed. He said India is planning to bring Pakistan’s agriculture to a halt and ultimately cripple its economy.

The chairman APTMA said the hostile attitude by the Indian government makes it impractical and unfeasible to continue trade with India, especially taking into account the uncertainty it has generated with regard to long-term decision making. On the grounds of reciprocity and principle also, trade with India required to be stopped forthwith, he stressed. He pointed out that the trade data for 2015-16 indicated that Pakistan’s exports to India stood at $389 million against Indian exports of $2.2 billion to Pakistan, revealing a trade deficit of $1.8 billion in favour of India. Unofficial imports from India via third countries, especially Dubai is manifold of recorded imports from India. One-sided and open access for Indian goods into the Pakistani market has resulted in job creation in India at the cost of thousands of lost jobs in Pakistan, he added.

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