APTMA Urges Government To Rationalise Gas Tariff

Imran Maqbool, Chairman, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Sindh-Balochistan Region Monday urged the federal government to rationalise gas tariff in the line with the cheapest rate available to the industrial consumers in other gas producing regional countries. “The price of gas, provided to the textile industry located in Sindh and Balochistan, should be rationalised in comparison with the cheapest rate available¬†to the industrial consumers in other gas producing countries of the world in particular the regional countries,” he maintained.¬†

Maqbool further said the benefit of cheaper oil prices, which is continuously falling and is currently close to a 13-year low under $26 per barrel, should be provided to the local industry for an extended period as long as the commodity retreats in the international market.

The government must ensure that all profits on the falling prices of oil and gas must reach the general public and the industrial sector, especially the textile industry, which is suffering from increased cost of doing business as compared to their competitors in the region. The industry would then be able to stand on its own feet and able to participate actively in the economic development of the country, he added. Regional chairman APTMA demanded of the government to map out a new pricing formula for purchase of gas especially by the textile industry of Sindh and Balochistan, to match with the lower price of commodities in the international market. He further demanded of the govt to spare the export-oriented textile industry of the country from the imposition of GIDC completely. Maqbool said the impact of smooth induction of RLNG in the gas system following the long-term deal signed by the government with Qatar Gas at 13.37 percent of the Brent crude, must benefit the textile industry.

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