The All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) acting Chairman Shahid Mazhar has said that the surge in import of man-made fibres (MMF) yarns including polyester, viscos and acrylic and fabrics in the domestic commerce was badly hurting the local textile industry. He said the competitors of Pakistan textile industry in Far East, China and India are producing MMF yarns and fabrics at comparatively lower energy cost.

“On the other hand, the textile industry in Pakistan is facing highest energy cost in the region,” he asserted. He said that the import of MMF yarns has surged to 72300 tons in 2014-15 against 47700 tons in 2012-13. Similarly, the import of fabric made from MMF yarns has also reached to 562000 square meters in 2014-15 against 180000 square meters in 2012-13.

Chairman of the Association said the government has not levied 10 percent regulatory duty on the dumped and subsidised MMF yarns and fabrics in order to protect the domestic industry. He said the local industry has first right on the domestic commerce. Hardly a very little quantity of MMF yarns and fabrics are produced for export purposes. Therefore, tariff or non-tariff measures to restrict subsidised import of MMF yarn and fabric would not hurt the production of textile goods meant for exports, he added.

He has urged the government to safeguard the domestic industry and save the jobs and exports of local MMF yarns and fabrics producing textile mills by imposing regulatory duty on the import of MMF yarns and fabrics immediately. He has urged the government to announce the remaining part of the textile package without further delay to save the textile industry from total collapse

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