July-August 2016-17: Readymade Garment Export Grows By Four Percent

Pakistan’s readymade garments export grew by four percent to $364.072 million in July-August 2016-17, official figures say. Garments export rise stands at $13.205 million in July-August 2016-17 from $350.867 million in July-August 2015-16, Pakistan Bureau of Statics suggests. In term of volume, garments export went up by 3.34 percent or 165,000 dozens to 5.109 million dozens in July-August 2016-17 from 4.944 million dozens in July-August 2015-16.

In August 2016, garments export mounted by eight percent or $13.259 million to $184.559 million from $171.300 million in August 2015. Export volume of garment scaled up by 9.29 percent or 218,000 dozens to 2.565 million dozens in August 2016 from 2.347 million dozens in August 2015.

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