Kati Chief Hails Prime Minister’s Textile Package

Hailing the Rs 180 billion package, announced recently by prime minister for giving boost to exports, Korangi Association of Trade & Industry’s (Kati) president, Masood Naqi, hoped that the government with a view to ensuring sustainable guidelines for the country’s economy will chalk out a long-term strategy in consultation with industrialists and the business community.

“Though many of our concerns have been addressed with the announcement of the package, some measures such as infrastructural reforms and restoration of the industry and exports sector’s confidence, are yet be initiated,” he added.

Lauding the package, prominent businessman S. M. Muneer said that it would help manufacturers and exporters to overcome challenges, besides making the local industry competitive in the international market.

Expressing his optimist that the chances of export and industrial sector’s stability will become more bright with the package, he appreciated the measures taken by the government for reducing tax and slashing duties on export-related items.

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