Bed wear export grows less than one percent

The country’s export of bed-wear grew less than one percent during July to December, 2014-15, to $899.731 million, as textile manufacturers blamed the government’s disinterest for the stagnation. According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, bed-wear export posted a $7.916 million increase in July to November, 2014-15, from $891.815 million in July to November, 2013-14.

However industry officials called upon the Commerce Ministry and Textile Ministry to dedicate a bit of their interest to the ailing sector to increase the growth. In term of volume, bed-wear export showed a growth of 2.37 percent to 136, 260 metric tons in July to November, 2014-15, up from 133,110 metric tons in July to November, 2013-14.

Bed-wear export in November 2014 surged to $170.453 million from $156.437 million in November 2013, up by $14.016 million or nine percent. Export volume of bed-wear export also went up by 5047 metric tons (9.01 percent) to 27,761 metric tons in November 2014, from 22,714 metric tons in November 2013, according to figures.

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