Less Energy Consumption In Ring Frames Means, More The Savings For Textile Mills

Textile mills can save energy by maintaining ring frame tin roller bearings with specialty grease, says Ashok Sethuraman.

In any industrial equipment, the motor is coupled to the machine by the belt and couplings involving a couple of bearings. But the ring frame needs 40 to 50 bearings set in a tin roller to transmit power from motor to load.

What are the savings in the mill’s electricity consumption?

The empirical thumb rule for any textile spinning mill is that ring frames consume around half the mill’s monthly electricity bill. If we save around 6 per cent on existing running frames, this works out to 3 per cent saving in mill’s monthly electricity bill at no cost except spending on specialty grease. This can be implemented by zero and low cost measures to achieve the savings in ring frames. This will create scope for savings and motor loading and can be used to improve ring frame productivity.

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