Uzbekistan,S Korea Discuss Tashkent Textile Techno Park

Uzbekistan and South Korea are busy discussing plans to construct a textile techno park in Tashkent city. An Uzbek delegation recently visited South Korea and spoke to representatives of the Cheonan-based Korean Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) regarding the project. The latter will start supplying technological and laboratory equipment soon.

Installation of the equipment will likely start in March and construction will be completed by mid-2018. The park will be commissioned in September 2018, according to an Azeri newspaper. The Korean side wants engineers and technicians to be trained by mid-February 2018.

The complex will include a laboratory with textile machinery, finishing and sewing equipment for conducting experiments. The techno park will introduce new South Korean innovations and will be a place for joint research in material science, dyeing and finishing production, fabric design and alternative energy sources.

The official development assistance program of the Korean Government will finance the project, who primary contractor is IL Kwan E&C Company. The Uzbek textile industry is mainly focused on cotton, silk and wool.

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