“The flexibility and versatility that differentiates Italian textile machinery has enabled Italy’s machinery manufacturers to become global leaders in machinery specially designed for the production of technical and innovative textiles,” said Raffaella Carabelli, president of ACIMIT (the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers) in a press release explaining the Italian machinery sector’s growing popularity across the globe.

While commenting further on the versatile nature of Italy made machinery, Carabelli added, “The technical textiles sector is a sector in which it is essential to work in collaboration with customers, allowing for flexibility in adapting existing machines to less traditional production processes. This is the area where ‘Made in Italy’ machinery are at their very best.”

In recent years, technical textiles have grown on a global scale. In Europe alone, the sector is worth €30 billion, amounting to 30 per cent of the total turnover for the European textile industry (excluding the garment sector).

A proof of the dynamism that characterises the rising popularity of Italian textile machinery comes from the huge number of Italian manufacturers partaking in the German international trade fair Techtextil Frankfurt, due to be held from May 4 to 7, 2015.

About 23 of the total 50 Italian textile machinery companies operating in Germany will exhibit at the event’s Italian Pavilion, organised by Italian Trade Agency and ACIMIT.

The exhibitors line-up includes names like 4M Plants, Biancalani, Bombi, Bonino, Canalair, Comoexport, Consorzio Italian Texstyle, Corino, Crosta, Cutlite, Dell’orco and Villani, Mecatex, Monti-Mac, Noseda, Omr, Pmt, Ramina, Ratti, Rollmac Div. Gemata, Saspe, Srs, Toscana Spazzole, and Unitech.

The increased demand for innovative solutions in technical textiles is precisely what has boosted production in the Italian textile machinery sector, which is characterised by a high level of innovative content in both end products and production processes.

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