Marzoli To Show Spinning Machineries At India

Marzoli, a leading supplier of textile machinery and components for short-staple fibre processing, is set to display the FT6DE roving frame, the MTR transport system and Marzoli software platforms for the optimisation of the entire spinning process (YarNet and MRM), at India ITME 2016 in Mumbai, from December 3 to 8, 2016, in hall 1, stand number D9.

The FT6DE roving frame is one of the market-leading roving frames. The FT6E, 110mm gauge, and FT7E, 130mm gauge, equipped with all the most advanced technology, represent technological excellence for productivity and efficiency. The drives for the drafting system, the flyers, the spindles and the bobbin rail are independent and coordinated by the central CPU. This simplifies the machine, guaranteeing perfect coordination, reducing the number of components, lowering friction, vibrations and mechanical wear.

In order to ensure the highest efficiency and output quality standards of its lines Marzoli has launched its own- branded bobbin transport system, MTR, with different degrees of automation in order to perfectly suit any customer’s production process.

The MTR bobbin transport system that best suits spinning mills with standard high-volumes productions will be part of the show. Several innovations make this product an outstandingly good solution for spinning mills.

YarNet, Marzoli’s production management software which allows the client to control every machine comprising the processes of fibre preparation, spinning preparation, and ring spinning, will also be displayed.

This product has been designed in order to make production management smart, easy, and efficient. With YarNet, the customer can rely on just a single software to manage the entire plant and when he has to insert a new production recipe, he can do that while sitting in his office instead of standing in front of the idle machine. MRM, an innovative platform that analyses the symptomatic data gathered by processors and sensors installed in critical parts of the machines to constantly monitor their efficiency, will also be shown at the expo.

The new Mac3000 compact system, a highly-innovative, state-of-the-art compact system designed and developed by Marzoli, will be a part of the show. Besides being one of the few apron systems with an effective “auto-cleaning effect” of the apron, which stems from its continuous tension, flexion and relaxation, its compacting zone is perfectly visible. The accurate design of the Mac3000’s apron ensures lower maintenance costs

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