Textile machinery manufacturer, A. Monforts TextiImaschinen, has successfully presented its special composites machineries at Filtec expo in Cologne and the recent JEC Composites Show in Paris for the first time.

Monforts offer special machines for specific impregnation processes that are required for composite materials. These are fibre types such as glass fibre, basalt or carbon, which are connected by a plastic matrix such as resin and are used in lightweight construction in particular, according to a company release.

A. Monforts TextiImaschinen only started to play an active role in the sector some four years ago, and has been successful for selling machines for glass fibre cloth.

Technical textiles have their own special requirements profile when it comes to finishing. For example, they react strongly to humidity or temperature differences. Monforts has concentrated its research activities in this area. For example, the company now offers a modified stenter frame that is used for airbag coatings.

A Monforts system produces water filter membranes, for a manufacturer in Southern Germany, that are required for safe drinking water supplies. The company has also sold machines for glass fibre fabrics and is also working on an offering to produce carbon fibre prepregs.

In Upper Franconia, Germany, a Monforts stenter has been installed for the production of high temperature filters based on felt. The Monforts variable Montex 8000 stenter can operate at high temperatures of up to 320°C and high weight process materials without difficulty. (GK)

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